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I’m in a really good, solid, more balanced place in my life. My grandma always used to say, to find the person you wanna marry, you have to find the person you wanna work on your relationship with for the rest of your life. Nicole Scherzinger’s rather close relationship with 23 years old Matt Terry, contestant and winner of X-Factor show (2016) had shocked viewers including her co-Judge, Simon Cowell.

After his win, Matt had lifted Nicole Scherzinger and she straddled him.

(born 30 June 1983) is an English singer and television personality.

But did you know that Grigor is not the first male with whom Nicole Scherzinger has been associated with?Besides, she kissed him leaving her lipstick marks all over him.She had a fascination for this contestant and was extremely happy with his win.The latter was said to be cheating on his singer and actress wife Beyonce.Beyonce has in 2016 released a new album, Lemonade, which talks of dishonesty in her marital relation and her forgiveness to the man in her life. In 2012, Nicole was also seen with R&B singer, Chris Brown at Supper Club, getting close and kissing; though both, later on, denied any such illicit relation. She was also linked to Steve Jones, Derek Hough, and Drake.

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