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Matlock and Mc Masters became good friends as they were alike in many ways.

Also during this period, Don Knotts, Andy Griffith's old co-star as Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, began making frequent appearances as "Ace" Calhoun, Matlock's annoying next-door neighbor.

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Usually, at the end of the case, the person who is on the stand being questioned by Matlock is the actual perpetrator, and Matlock will expose him/her, despite making clear that his one goal is to prove reasonable doubt in the case of his client's guilt or to prove his client's innocence.

Matlock studied law at Harvard, and after several years as a public defender, established his law practice in Atlanta, living in a modest farmhouse in a neighboring suburb.

Matlock is noted for his thrift and a fondness for hot dogs.

In episode 158 ("The Diner"), hot dogs are revealed to have been his favorite dish since he was a young man.

Vanessa Sedgwick in season two ("The Genius", episode 20), and Iris Vogel in season three ("The Psychic", episode 13).

The show, produced by Intermedia Entertainment Company (first season only), The Fred Silverman Company, Dean Hargrove Productions, and Viacom Productions, originally aired from March 3, 1986 to May 8, 1992 on NBC; and from November 5, 1992 until May 7, 1995 on ABC.

The show's format is similar to that of CBS's Perry Mason (with both Matlock and the 1980s Perry Mason TV movies created by Dean Hargrove), with Matlock identifying the perpetrators and then confronting them in dramatic courtroom scenes.

Bobby Shaw in "The Doctors," then, lawyer Alex Winthrop in season three's 2-part episode: "The Ambassador," and "The Priest", and a prosecutor in a 2-pt episode: "The Assassination," before later becoming a cast regular playing Cliff Lewis in season seven.

Some actors appeared as a different character in each appearance on the show.

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