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Chances are that he would start to rethink that belief.

Manospherians believe that feminists and political correctness obscure the feminist dominance of society, and that men are the victims of a misandrist culture and must fight to protect their existence."(1) feminism has overrun/corrupted modern culture, in violation of nature/biology/inherent gender differences, and (2) men can best seduce women (slash, save society in general) by embracing a super-dominant, uber-masculine gender role, forcing ladies to fall into step behind them." Zuckerberg links the manosphere with the neoreactionary, white nationalist alt-right movement: many alt-right members are either pick-up artists or MGTOW, while "the policing of white female sexuality is a major concern" of the alt-right.

A person who frequents online communities associated with the manosphere is sometimes called a manospherian. Red pill and blue pill imagery is common: accepting the manosphere's ideology is equated with "taking the red pill", and those who do not are seen as "blue pilled" or as having "taken the blue pill".

A red piller (or redpiller) is someone who has shifted from previously held mainstream or feminist persuasions, towards those that are widely held within the manosphere.

The site complained that the seduction gurus' techniques did not work.

Matthew Lyons at Political Research Associates writes, "Valizadeh doesn't dwell on his own glaring inconsistency, but does suggest [..] that the dismantling of patriarchal rules has forced men to pursue 'game' as a defensive strategy".

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