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By working with each other in a SBS Drama called “Burning Youth”, fans were cheering for the two of them, which led to them actually falling for each other and people started calling them the “Chihuahua Couple.” These couples that were mentioned above are not the only couples who we want to look up to, there are and will be more.

Love is just in the air these days, you can’t just stop and you can’t just resist it.

This will cause Kai trouble when promoting their new creation “Lotto.” Like any other members, Kai was very excited about their new project, but because of what happened, Kai cannot join EXO and their future activities in Summer 2016.

Fans were, of course, very much worried, and so were other singers and close friends of the band.

His five-member family includes him, Mom, Dad and two sisters. Interviewed about his family, he stated that when he was in his primary education at grade 4th, his parents initially wanted him to learn Taekwondo and the Piano, but he lost interest in both. He followed it and was trained in Jazz dance and Ballet and he has been dancing up till now since he was 18 years old.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end on June 2017.

Other than that, Kpop fanatics must be really happy about what’s going on with these star couples and their dreamy lovelife.

Kai is also associated with the promotional singing group, Younique Unit, with fellow member Lu Han, as well as dance group, ‘S. In 2014, he was featured in SHINee ‘s Lee Taemin’s song “Pretty Boy”. When he is nervous, he touches a lucky bracelet his parents gave him.

When it was announced that Kai was going to take a break, SM also said that Kai will be resting to heal his ankle and will not be joining EXO’s performances.

The reason for their breakup is unknown, but their conflicting schedules seem to be the most suspected one.

(Source: Unfortunately, Kai tripped his feet during their performance and got an ankle injury.

They also had theories that when the photos were taken, Krystal was in another country, minding her own business and taking photoshoots.

So it can be proved that the photo is actually unreal.

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“In order to focus on treatment of Kai’s ankle, Kai will unfortunately not be taking part in broadcast promotions.

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