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Screen Updating-Property does not work properly in Excel 2016 / Win 10. The screen is updated after each step in VBA, although the Screen Updating is set to False. It would be nice to have this bug fixed as quickly as possible, since I have hundreds of Makros who depend on this property.I have a macro in excel VBA which runs other macros. Screenupdating so that the user does not get to see what the macros do. The Screen Updating property controls most display changes on the monitor while a procedure is running. Please see Office VBA support and feedback for guidance about the ways you can receive support and provide feedback.

This macro does a spreadsheet transfer from excel to access, and I do not want my users to be aware of my access database. You can increase the speed of some procedures by keeping screen updating turned off. Insert Paragraph After End With If x Mod 50 = 0 Then Active Document. You must set the Screen Updating property to True when the procedure finishes or when it stops after an error. You may want to create a macro that turns repainting on and then assign the macro to a key or custom menu command. You can then use the key combination or menu command to turn repainting on if it has been turned off in Visual Basic.

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