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Settlers came from the Marquesas, Tonga, Samoa, Easter Island, and greater Polynesia.At some point, a significant influx of Tahitian settlers landed on the Hawaiian islands, bringing with them their religious beliefs.The Kumulipo is divided into two sections: night, or pō, and day, or ao, with the former corresponding to divinity and the latter corresponding to mankind.After the birth of Laʻilaʻi, the woman, and Kiʻi, the man, the man succeeds at seducing and reproducing with the woman before the god Kāne has a chance, thereby making the divine lineage of the gods younger than and thus subservient to the lineage of man.

Kapu refers to a system of taboos designed to separate the spiritually pure from the potentially unclean.

The people worshiped Lono during Makahiki season and Kū during times of war...usual posture for prayer – sitting upright, head high and eyes open – suggests a relationship marked by respect and self-respect.

The gods might be awesome, but the ʻaumākua bridged the gap between gods and man.

This, in turn, illustrates the transition of mankind from being symbols for the gods (the literal meaning of kiʻi) into the keeper of these symbols in the form of idols and the like.

The kahuna were well respected, educated individuals that made up a social hierarchy class that served the King and the Courtiers and assisted the Maka'ainana (Common People). Then, "If the evil spirit suddenly appears (puoho) and possesses the patient, then he or she can be immediately saved by the conversation between the practitioner and that spirit." Pukui and others believed kahuna did not have mystical transcendent experiences as described in other religions.

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