Updating porsche navigation system

The home screen features this new tile based interface.

And you can pop into a menu and actually configure that interface to set it up how you like.

So, as my hand gets closer, it can show me more information and when I get back to driving, it can hide that information for a nice clean look.

Overall, it's a very advanced system, lots of screens in front of you.and finally, we've got a choice of web-connected apps.Things like finding parking, monitoring weather, and because this is a plug-in hybrid, finding charging stations to plug this thing to re-juice.We also have Apple Car Play connectivity, but not Android Auto. Continuing through the interface, we've got a phone system here, as well as the ability to adjust different parts of the vehicle's operation.Now, because this is a hybrid, we've got a couple of different hybrid modes that we can choose from here, that allow us to do things like adjust how the battery's gonna get used.

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So, there's been your look at the technology in the 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 Sport Turismo E-Hybrid. Checkout our full review to see what it's like to actually drive this thing.

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