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While the kitchen isn't an obvious room to display an art collection, you should definitely take advantage of all that prime wall real estate.

Carve out a "view" with vintage landscapes and seascapes, make a more-the-merrier atmosphere with antique portraits, or create the ultimate homage to the little ones for whom all chicken fingers are made with silhouettes.

(Please click on the image to visit the post.) Sometimes, you don’t need to redo the whole kitchen, one change can make a huge difference! It’s amazing how much can change in a room, with simple, DIY fixes!

While your appliance might last for years and years, tastes change.

But it seems impractical to get rid of a refrigerator just because you've grown tired of its white finish.

While no one can deny that kitchen islands are incredibly practical—it's a workspace, a storage area, a place to enjoy meals, and often the most popular place to stand around during a party—it doesn't have to New cabinets are expensive—way more than a few gallons of paint.

Green is really having a moment, and what better way to freshen up sad old cabinets than with an outdoorsy hue like Jasper by Sherwin-Williams.

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