Updating firmware on a yamaha bd s2900

This is my first Yamaha receiver and it sounds good to me, but I do find it to be confusing.I would be interested to hear your opinions of the Yamaha 863 and where it fits in the mix of receivers.And from what I've read it's just Twilight and the BD30.So like many issues that the Bd30 has had to deal with I assume this will be rectified.Thanks, HERBNot to make you feel bad my friend but i would throw your Question About the Yamaha 863 out on to the reciever forum. Iam trying to keep this thread just for the Blu-player itself BUT Looking at the specs and what the 863 can do it is definitely a worthy reciever for any blu-player such as the 2900 ETYP=ATTRIBUTE I just wanted to touch base with my Twilight movie problem. Here is a short list of new movies i bought that play.For now, my Sharp BD-HP20U will have to do until another player hits my HOT BUTTON! can you suggest the right settings for the player and receiver to get DD true sound?

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[V1.40 to V1.41] -The function "Part On/Off" (for the Left, Right 1, Right 2, Right 3 or Mic part) is newly assignable to the foot pedals.

It's odd though that other films from "Summit" play fine.

AT least you Yamaha peeps didn't have to live through the BD30 nit playing True HD or it popping back in January 2008, wow that sucked.

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