The soul of kerala sex

Seafood is, of course, a pretty big deal here too, with fish so fresh it arrives on your plate at lunchtime having only left the sea that morning. Why I’ve always made curry with olive oil, not coconut oil, I have no idea.Today, you can buy alcohol in many bars, cafes and hotels but expensive licenses mean many still do not serve it.I arrived in Kerala toward the end of their summer and close to the first of two annual monsoon seasons.The weather, though hot, was far more manageable than I had expected, wavering from the low to mid 30s for the duration of our trip.I had expected no phone service and no Wi Fi, but the absence of a TV completed the detox trifecta.

It got me thinking: could this be the perfect spot for a total life detox?I opted for hummus and fresh garlic toast, a watermelon and feta salad plus ginger lemonades and it was as delicious as it was Instagrammable…hey, it was day one, I needed to be weaned off my social media feeds slowly.We didn’t stay in the excellent Xandari Harbour hotel in Fort Kochi for long but, had we stayed a while, I’d have made a beeline for the other places Kochi locals frequent: the Ginger House Restaurant, which overlooks the water, or Mocha Cafe, an ideal spot for a quick coffee whilst exploring the surrounding shops.South India attracts people with religious interest.A couple of towns and cities in South India are referred to as temple towns as well such as Madurai, Rameshwaram and Mahabalipuram.

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