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Actors – on our speed reading courses (and in the Spd Rdng book) you learn how to remember what you read, word for word, if necessary.Your personal development is not complete if you don’t know the speed reading and photoreading techniques we teach on this course. Learn how to get the message from all the personal development books – and how to put the skills into practice.Fabulous, mind blowing and so so very useful.”“Jan and Susan are absolutely amazing!I have learnt so much on the speed reading course and especially love the 20 minutes techniques – specific information gathered with a purpose set in mind.In a world of information overload and cognitive overload wouldn’t it be nice to get through textbooks, reports and manuals in the time you have? Jan Cisek – speed reading and photoreading trainer since 1999 Susan Norman – speed reader and accelerated learning expert Both Jan and Susan have over 20 000 hours of experience in speed reading, photoreading and have helped thousands of people on our courses to become great speed readers.

The Nike trainer’s agility ladder drill requires you to synchronize both your hands and feet for the ultimate conditioning that will test your agility.By using an agility ladder, boxers can improve not just their speed but also their coordination and balance.You don’t have to be a professional boxer, or even an athlete, to benefit from incorporating agility ladder drills into your workout routine.“If you really wanna get spicy with it, you turn southpaw,” Lozada says.Give both sides of your body a challenge and make sure to switch to work your right arm and leg.

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Brilliant speed reading course – will definitely recommend it!

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