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Traditionally, for businesses it’s been things like complexity, minimum length, avoiding known bad passwords, and how often passwords are changed to counter the possibility of undetected compromise.And yet, recently, the last of those orthodoxies – password expiration – has started to crumble.By default, an update manager checks the Sophos databank for threat detection data updates every 10 minutes. The minimum is 5 minutes and the maximum 1440 minutes (24 hours).We recommend an update interval of 10 minutes for threat detection data, so that you receive protection from new threats promptly after the detection data is published by Sophos.It is also possible to retire or inactivate older versions to only keep the newest one.What is it about a secure password that makes us think it’s secure?If the app is NOT current the user can't do anything until they update their app.Regarding a direct-link to the App Catalog to update the app that might get tricky with guided access enabled.

The default updating policy enables you to install and update the software specified in the “Recommended” subscription.

Before you even try to tackle that issue understand that the app catalog webclip URL contains the UDID of the device as of AW7.1 (I think).

Since the UDID is no longer programmatically accessible code-side Air Watch allows you to push the UDID upon app installation in the Deployment/Application Configuration section.

You can embed into the key share on the device which will make it accessible for that applciation, hence allowing you to create the appropriate App Store URL within your app. But I don't think that Apple provides a way for automatic update of ad-hoc or enterprise apps.

Well, I can describe a solution for an enterprise app I developed last year. First of all, I made it as a part of our secure website.

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