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But these measurements have been helpful to space forecasters, allowing them a 30 to 60 minute warning before impact.The goal is to lengthen that notice time to hours – ideally 24 hours – to make more informed decisions on whether to power down satellites or the grid.While they are one of the main sources for creating beautiful and intense auroras, like the Northern and Southern Lights, they can also damage satellites, disrupt radio communications and wreak havoc on the electrical transmission system causing massive and long-lasting power outages.Right now, only single point measurements exist for CMEs making it hard for scientists to judge their shapes.

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In their study, published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, the researchers took a closer look at data from two NASA spacecraft, Wind and ACE, typically orbiting upstream of Earth.

They analyzed the data of 21 CMEs over a two-year period between 20 when Wind had separated from ACE.

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While the researchers say more studies are needed, Lugaz says this information could be important for future space weather forecasting.

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