Scott am signing up with an online dating service

Michael: [on phone] Just compare last year's order to this year's.

Kelly: God I cannot wait to get pregnant and have babies!

[Sasha walks in, begins playing with Michael's toy train] uhm...

[Sasha moves the train to Michael's desk] Want to bring it over...

If you had to spend a night in the Met or the Aquarium, which would it be?

You don't want to help me with some of my sales, do you?

Ryan: Um, I'm already getting the pizzas from Bernetti's, so...

[spreads tablecloth] Toby: [to Sasha] Okay, tell them what you wanted to say.

have to explain everything, it's probably just easier if we do it ourselves.

There was a show called 'Fundle Bundle' and I was the star.

[clears throat] I would like you to go to my mother's house in Dickson city, and if she is in the pool, the back kitchen window should be unlocked, I want you to boost yourself up, I want you to go down to the basement. I want you to grab it, I want you to get my guitar.

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Michael: [under his breath] I work with a bunch of nerds.

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