Rules for dating your co worker

With the two so inevitably blended, it’s important to set clear boundaries. Leave work at the office and focus on your relationship when together while off-the-clock.

You should already know not to bring home issues into the office, but it's equally important to leave office quarrels at work.

In an age when our professional and personal lives are more blended than ever, it’s only natural that office relationships happen.

If you’re dating your direct supervisor (or vice-versa), almost all companies have rules in place surrounding this exact situation.

One of the most important decisions interoffice couples face is whether one should ever leave their job because of the relationship.

With company policies around office romances seem more chill than in years past, this has more often become less of a requirement and more a “quality of life” change.

If you think it might adversely affect your situation, be tight-lipped.

If someone asks, let them know that you’d prefer to talk about work-related items at work and you’d be happy to answer any questions about the big project you’re working on instead.

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