Row updating in gridview in asp net c

Net Drop Down List control holds a list of data, which allows the user to select a single data from a drop down list.

I have made the Databound fields as Read Only as they should not be Editable. I have few Template fields, After clicking Edit User is supposed to Enter the values for Correct and Incorrect Answers Manually. Depending on The Entries Entered in the Columns remaining columns [Correct and Incorrect] The values [ Un Attended, Result should be calculated automatically] 5. Text "' " str_Query &= " ORDER BY NAME ASC " l_ws_DTTS = New ws DTTS(Cls Gen Fun.gf_str_Get DBType, Cls Gen Fun.gf_str_Get Conn Str(Cls Gen Fun.gf_str_Get DBType)) ds = l_ws_DTTS.gf_ds_Get Dataset(str_Query, 0, 0) If ds. Net is useful for displaying large data in a tabular format.Could you please suggest whether gridview is the right choice for this If Yes, Please help me out. Please let me know, if you need any further details from my end. HQPRESULT AS RESULT FROM CANDIDATES CDTS " str_Query = " INNER JOIN HQTESTBOOKINGS HBS ON CDTS. HTBCNDSYSID" str_Query = " INNER JOIN HQQUESTIONPAPERS HQQP ON HQQP. HTBSYSID" str_Query = " INNER JOIN TESTLOCATIONS TLC ON TLC.

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