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BS: How long into dating him did you know Christian was the one? I was confident in the kind of man he was and is and knew what I was looking for. I think that’s one of the hardest things about what this transition has been for me. But when it all of a sudden was about my husband, that felt different. That does not make hearing just hateful things about your spouse any easier. November 2012: ESPN personality Samantha Steele on the sidelines during Big East conference football action between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Louisville Cardinals in Piscataway, New Jersey. There were little things like that pointing to maybe this is a different kind of guy.SP: I don’t like him to know this because I try not to compliment him, really, ever. Look, you get to the point where you’ve dated enough and you know yourself well enough. I think over time you kind of grow more and more numb to it. BS: You’ve been a studio co-host and sideline reporter for ESPN. SP: I wanted to be the local reporter for the Phoenix Suns.I just sat at the game with Toby Gerhart’s wife, who’s getting her doctorate in genetic counseling at Northwestern. BS: Did your parents and Christian’s parents raise their eyebrows when they found out you were married? His parents have been supportive from the very beginning.If there’s a stereotype that everybody is a former model or a girl who was a cute waitress in college, it’s not necessarily like that. When both of us met each other’s parents, we were coming into it knowing this is serious. He gets to play in front of millions people, and I get to be on TV in front of millions of people.BS: What’s the one thing people don’t know about you but you wish they did? That’s a huge part of my job, representing the fans and asking questions the fans want to know. We have very different roles as far as what’s required out of us with social media. BS: How much fun was it working with Christian on the red carpet before the ESPYs show?

By marrying the Vikings’ Christian Ponder, she also became known as a quarterback’s wife. I’m telling you, the thought that someone having a wife or girlfriend … People forget they play football at a professional level, but everybody has got a girlfriend or a wife or whatever. The thing that was funny to me was people saying, “This was a distraction.” Like I said, we went to Hudson to get married. I knew the comments that were going to be made and the questions about my credibility and all that kind of stuff.

Anyone who follows Samantha Ponder on Twitter knows she can be glib and has a sense of humor, attributes her husband seems less inclined to display. BS: What’s the one thing people don’t know about Christian but you wish they did? It took 20 minutes, then we went to Arby’s and then to the sweater party. Being an NFL quarterback made it actually more difficult for him.

Samantha, whose friends call her Sam, grew up in Phoenix and attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., where she was a sideline TV reporter for football and men’s and women’s basketball. SP: Oh, man, that’s a hard question because I feel like everybody has different perceptions, especially now with social media. I know some NFL quarterbacks, and I know what goes on. I’ve seen from the other side as someone working in that kind of industry what the temptations are and what a lot of these guys do and what that lifestyle can be like.

With Christian, immediately, I didn’t already know he wasn’t the one. I’ve heard people say, “When you know, you know.” That’s really how it went down for us. This is weird.” He was always asking me random questions about living in Austin. He doesn’t come home after a game and, if somebody says he sucks, all of a sudden treats me differently. I’m so sick of Johnny Manziel signing this and this guy signing this.

Nothing creepy, but that was our original connection. Those were the things when we were dating that I got to see that were really important to me. All the interactions on Twitter and Instagram, all that stuff is so addicting. Last (Sunday) night, we played a pretty long game of Nerf basketball. I love the game and the environment when those guys roll out of the tunnel.

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It was an opportunity for me to prove to him this is not as easy as you think.

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