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obsolete superlative: A superlative used to denote a high degree of a quality, without indicating or implying comparison.absorption: The suppression of a sound or its incorporation into an immechately following or preceding sound.pitch, accentuation: The laying of vocal stress on certain parts of a word or phrase.Graff calls it “accent as a flowing feature of speech.” accidence: (1) The inflectional changes of words, to denote vari- ous cases, tenses, numbers, etc. — (2) That branch of grammar which treats of these changes, accommodation: The partial as'&imilation (q.v.) of a phoneme, in which the assimilated phoneme takes over just one of the char- acteristics of the assimilatory phoneme, accommodative aspect: See benef active aspect.accusative: In Indo-European languages, that case of a noun, ad- jective, pronoun or numeral denoting that the word in question is the object of the sentence.(Also used aftei^ certain preposi- tions.) Achaean: One of the western dialects of ancient Greek, acoustic: Relating to sound and sound perception, acoustic features: The features of sound in any given utterance, as they are or may b^ recorded experimentally.

(E.g., “The meek shall inherit the earth.”) absolute case: The case in which a noun is said to be wllen it is the subject of a sentence but is grammatically isolated from the other sentence-elements.accent: (1) The stress (q.v.) with which a certain syllable of a gi Ven word is pronounced, in comparison with the other sylla- bles of the same word.— (2) Short for accent yrark or 'written accent (see d iacritic m ark), — (3) Cf.A DICTIONARY OF LINGUISTICS A Abakan: An Asiatic language; a member of the Eastern Turkic group of the Altaic sub-family of the Ural-Altaic family of languages. Abkaz: A language (also referred to as Abkhasian^ spoken in the Caucasus; a member of the Western branch of the North Cau- casian family of languages. ablative: That case of a noun, adjective, pronoun or numeral de- noting the source, agent or means, occasionally also time or place, of an act or occurrence. 3 ABRIDGED CLAUSE 4 French u [y], the vowel sound in the English word but [a], etc.) obridged clause: A clause without a finite verb form, such as an infinitive or participial clause.abbreviation: ( 1 ) A short writtten symbol for a full word or ex- pression {etc. (In Latin, also used after certain prepositions.) ablative absolute: A Latin grammatical construction, consisting of the ablative case of a noun oj^ nouns or pronoun or pro- nouns and an adjective or participle w Wich have no grammatical connection with the rest of the atmtence in which the expression as a unit constitutes an interpolated entity, ablaut: A vowel gradation (q.v.), characteristic of Indo-European languages, denoting distinctions in meaning (e.g., different tenses of a verb). abnormal vowel: A designation applied in English phonetical ter- minqjogy to a vowel representing an intermediate sound be- tween a front and a back vowel. Abruzzese-Neapolitan: A generic term for a group of south Itahan dialects spoken in southern Latium, Abruzzi, Campania, Lucania and Puglia, and generally characterized by loss of clar- ity of the final vowels and fimlaut distinctions in the root vowels.

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Accordingly, the editors have endeavored to compile a dic- tionary that will include: a) the general run of tftditional grammatical terms, even though they already appear in standard dictionaries and works of reference; b) the more frequently used terminology of the field of his- torical linguistics, as it is used in the rftanuals of the last century and a half; c) that portion of the terminology of modern descriptive linguistics concerning which there is sl ^le measure of agreement among its users; d) the names, affiliations, and very bfief descriptions of the major languages and dialects of the world, both past add present.

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