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Un esempio su come scrivere un custom Membership provider per ASP.NET che consenta di validare correttamente la password nei vari metodi.Another way of avoiding "these kind of hidden costs" is to have a unit test that verifies that nhibernate can be initialized, including parsing of all mapping files etc.Optionally, I also like to have the test output the nhibernate generated schema to standard output.

That way we will be able to grant you some Telerik points.Override this method to ensure the password is valid before raising the event. protected override void On Validating Password Validate Password Event Args e. Management; public enum private string ad Connection String; private bool enable Password Retrieval = false; private bool enable Password Reset; private bool enable Search Methods; private bool requires Question And Answer; private string app Name; private bool requires Unique Email; private int max Invalid Password Attempts; private int password Attempt Window; private int password Answer Attempt Lockout Duration; private int min Required Password Length; private int min Required Nonalphanumeric Characters; private string password Strength Regular Expression; private Membership Password Compatibility Mode _Legacy Password Compatibility Mode = Membership Password Compatibility Mode. password Strength Regex Timeout; ; private string attribute Map Password Question = null; private string attribute Map Password Answer = null; private string attribute Map Failed Password Answer Count = null; private string attribute Map Failed Password Answer Time= null; private string attribute Map Failed Password Answer Lockout Time = null; private int max Username Length = 256; private int max Username Length For Creation = 64; private int max Password Length = 128; private int max Comment Length = 1024; private int max Email Length = 256; private int max Password Question Length = 256; private int max Password Answer Length = 128; private const int UF_ACCOUNT_DISABLED =0x2; private const int UF_LOCKOUT=0x10; private readonly Date Time Default Last Lockout Date = new Date Time(1754, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, Date Time Kind.Providers can override this setting, by default this is false which means that the provider will authenticate the username password when Change Password is called.This property exists purely for backwards compatibility.

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Cancel ) ________________________________________________________ You can see this code checks Min Required Non Alphanumeric Characters and Min Required Password Length requirement with two other If block rather than if(e.

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