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I try to uncover the big patterns in the Dating Industry. Running a Dating business is not just about Internet. To succeed in this business one needs to be specialized and to understand marital, romantic and sexual relations.Dating should be understood from a psychological and sociological perspective. Technology is there only to provide useful tools, which must be integrated within a rich spectrum of activities that expands into the real life. The service has to be highly customized for dating purposes.Online dating is also distinguished from earlier forms of mediated match-making, such as personal advertisements in newspapers and magazines, in providing larger user-based and more sophisticated self-presentation options (Ellison et al. Online dating has today become a common and in some contexts even dominant, practice for seeking romantic partners (Sautter et al. 2011; Rosenfeld, Thomas 2012; Manning 2014; Zakelj 2012).Data on the number of people who have created profiles on Slovenian online dating sites also shows the great popularity of online dating in Slovenia.

Introduction In the last twenty years, the Internet has created new spaces for developing relationships.Since existing studies have neglected to examine how older adults who lived the majority of their lives under socialism perceived online dating, the present study tries to fill this research gap by using semi-structured interviews with 38 persons of heterosexual orientation between the ages 63 and 77 who are seeking casual or committed sexual and romantic relationships.First, we create a theoretical background for understanding online dating. In the last part, we analyze our data and offer discussion and conclusions.Personals and can never put out of business a niche dating service such as Planetout or Date In order to survive, dating companies must integrate online and offline dating activities, to define their identity and their specificity within the whole spectrum of social networking.

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