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@Tomi Lahren joined us on the 4am hour of @Fox Friends First with her take- plus what’s the deal with Dude Walls & #Diversity? The candidates for the 3rd Democratic debate are set and I don’t know what pleases me more, that all 10 of these Democrats have a combined ZERO percent chance of beating @real Donald Trump or the fact that we will only have to sit through one night of the debate.Hear her full commentary on the #Fox News Rundown ... Ibq50v Mw Tu Log LY A New York City “School Diversity Panel” wants to end school gifted and talented programs. Why else, because like everything else, it is supposedly racist!!!Bill banning expulsions for school disobedience is closer to becoming law in CA. A New York City “School Diversity Panel” wants to end school gifted and talented programs.What starts as misbehaving or disobeying in the classroom can become breaking the law and endangering the community later in life.Then CA’s felon-friendly laws kick in, and we have what we see on the streets today. Bernie punched himself in the face, Pocahontas pretended to be Native American, Beto still pretends to be Mexican, Julian Castro wants to fight for transgender abortion rights, and Yang believes we all deserve a check for being born.

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  1. Jillian Wisniewski loved Justin Thomas long before the young golf pro went out and won himself the coveted Wanamaker Trophy by winning the legendary PGA Championship in 2017, the final Grand Slam on the annual golf calendar.