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Your messages don’t need to be insanely creative, but they need to show effort, the fact that you read their profile, and that you have some substance.We recommend checking out our post about online dating first message mistakes before you go any further to make sure your messages aren’t the problem.The first reason we want to look at is that you’re sending terrible messages.If your messages are no good or not crafted well, you’re not going to get many responses, especially from quality dating prospects.We’ve talked with online daters from all walks of life including very successful and very physically attractive people, and you know what?

Whatever the case, people often will leave their profiles up and not update them with a note that they are taking a brief hiatus.Also, people have lives outside of online dating where things can change.These two factors can often influence people to take a break from online dating.The reason we share that is to let you know that it’s not something that’s wrong with you.If people all over the spectrum struggle with getting responses, then it’s just a part of the process.

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