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‘The witnessing [of his passing] was a gift,’ Berkus said.

‘It made me a better person, it made me a more compassionate person.’ Winfrey went to visit Berkus a few days after he returned from Sri Lanka and recalled her words which then, and now, provided great comfort: ‘You said to me, ‘when the soul gets what it came to get, it goes.” He explained: ‘Here was a person who had left Argentina to live in Brazil, who had traveled around the globe, who truly had never had established his own family and life on his own terms. I represented ‘home’ metaphysically, physically, everything.

Berkus was interested in design from a small age and wanted to pursue a career in designing growing up.

After finishing high school he went to intern at Dominique Aurientis which was in Paris to learn the workings of designs. Later on, he enrolled at Lake Forest College from where he graduated with a degree in French and Sociology in 1994.

PICTURES: Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent The photos show the men holding hands and at one point Jeremiah, who is an emerging decorator, gives Nate a gentle kiss on the neck.

His book was even honored as the Washington Post named One of the Best Interior Design Books of the Year.

The same year he initiated to open up his own Target Collection collaborating with some Target store.

They were deeply in love and wanted to have a family so they decided to give birth to two children through a surrogate.

Nate Berkus was born Nathan Jay Berkus on September 17, 1971, in Orange County, California.

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Coming from a family background of popular individual he sure has a flair for business and was sure to reach heights in his career.

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