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She was shocked but said we would talk when she came back. I locked them on her and the three of us got in to the bed. As she bobbed her head and deep throated me I warn her I am about to cum she only sucked harder at that warning. A few minutes later as I had two fingers inside her stroking her g-spot amongst her moans she begs. " "Cum for us." I respond as I pull on her g-spot as my wife pinches her nipples.

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I told her to stand and sit with me in one of the recliners I held her tiny frame in my arms grabbing a blanket and tossing it over her. "Life will be better from now on." She eventually relaxed and fell asleep curled up on my chest. She relaxed a few moments later turning to me "Thank you Master." She says so deeply.

My darling wife walked in while I was watching TV with our new little one asleep on my chest. "I thought we might keep her, all I think she needs is a little TLC and we can give her that." I respond. We all rested for a few minutes before I asked Pet when the last time she had pleasure was. I un-cuff Pet and we start to shower Mia caressed and explore Pets body as they cleaned each other.

I called my wife to tell the news not 100% sure how she would react. "I know that but what would you like to be called." I ask and watch her think for a moment. "Ok Pet." I turn to my wife to see if she wants to ask anything. There were wrist and ankle restraints, vibes, a paddle, a gag, some nipple clamps, a blindfold and a leash. "I think that is a good start to the TLC." She responded with a smile. After a few minutes of Pets talented tongue she was cumming.

We had talked about getting a slave but never did more than talk. Pet came out of the bathroom I told her to get her wrist restraints. She gentle pushes Pet's head back towards me Pet starts back on me with gusto. She climbs back up between us I reach down and start to stoke her gently my wife begins to tease her nipples.

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