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The courts and related government and social agencies often order drug and alcohol testing of individuals or others subject to the jurisdiction of the court.The results of these court-ordered drug tests can weigh heavily as evidence in legal and judicial proceedings.The mandated employee DOT drug testing rules were put into place in 1991 when The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act passed.

You need drug tests and medical services that provide fast results so you can make an offer before your competitors do.

Such testing calls for great sensitivity, care and respect through each step of the testing process, from test administration to the final reporting of results to the court.

Because court-ordered drug testing can mean the difference between going to jail or not - and because test results can affect driving privileges, child custody and visitation rights - properly administered and reported test results are vital.

Our technicians go through a rigorous training process and are audited regularly to ensure the integrity of the process.

Your candidates and employees will know exactly what happens to the specimen from the time he/she provides it to the time we package it.

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