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(May 31, 2017)I never thought that this small town Tennessee girl would fall for a city Philly boy, let alone move across the country together.Cleveland will always have my heart because that is where I met the love of my life but we have planted roots in the PNW and I don't think either of us plan on moving anytime soon.

We’ve had a wild journey together so far and I’m so excited for everything we have ahead of us.I am calm, sociable, have some truthful friends who also want me to be happy with a man.I don't trust all the people but choose the special ones whom I trust all myself, all my heart and soul.My family has a long history of meeting their partner like this!My older brother met his fiancée online and even my parents met using something similar, a Classified ad in People magazine!

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Besides I like reading English classical books and autobiographical books of different famous people.

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