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Jo ^Ul itgallib 'ala(atgallib); Jo J& Hly "ala (a' la).

^^ \a^ ga 'ala gafla (agy)-^ ju^ljl J*: ._^'^- yibally el wdhid yisla'gib.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, cultuie and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this flle - a reminder of this book's long journcy from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

(matdrih), in - of JUi biddl, in the first - Hi\auvoalan. out of - j\^j^ /ia(i (ahuttj; Pla 356 Pla •i-j wada" (awda'-)^ Plague, n. malydn Days of the Week J^^l (._^_ ydm el hadd Sunday ^■J'i\ (._,. - gamcid tdny i^l\ el higga Coptic Calendai- oy tut o^yj. L ■/: 1 darhim = \ kilogram ^ 0.003 = drams 1,76 1 wiqyia = ,, 0.04 = ounces 1.32 1 rati = ,. ydm el itn Sn Monday ^^* fii ydm et taldt Tuesday ^^\y. ydm el hamys : Thursday 4«ir' fji ydm eg gtim'a ; Friday Z^i. O.-i S = pounds 0.99 1 wiqqa = ,, 1.25 = ,, 2.75 1 qintdr = 3) 44.93 Measures of Capacity 2 qyrdt = 2 (ici'rruba = 2 tumna = 4 TM&'a = 2 qadah = 1 h'^rrdba 1 tumna 1 rr 72.223 Measures of Length 24 qyrdt = i dird dird' nyly = 0.54 centimetres dird' hinddza = 0.656 dird'- istanbuly = 0.665 dird' balady = 0.58 The Fadchtn 24 sahm = 1 qyrdt 24 qyrdt — 1 fadddn fadddn 333.3 square qasaba or 4200 ,, meters qasaba 3.55 meters Th(i Money 10 milliemes) or 40 paras) 1000 milliemes) or 100 piastres C 975 milliemes) or 97'/, piastresf" 771.5 milliemes) or 77 "/jo piastres) = 1 Piastre 1 L. AN ENGLISH -ARABIC VOCABULAHY OF THE MODERN AND OODLOQUIAL ARABIC OF FOYPT. In April 18l)fi, just before leaving the countrj' on my iioliday, the vocabulary was completed. t^'f salih mayia (asuljlj) ; A-., ji^l issayiar mayia (assayiar). Compiled by SOCRATES SPIRO OF THE MI^f ISTKY OF FINANCE, COMPILEE OF THE AEABIC - ENGLISH VOCABULARY OF THE MODEBN AND COLLOQUIAL An ABIC OF EGYPT. On my return in August of the same year I began to add the definitions and illustrative phrases so that the work was ia a condition to be placed in the hands of the printers in March of the present year.

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J\ ^jj ydm es sabt Saturday Solar or European Calendar A yandyir January j'Jjy ragab J^ safar O^f-i k Cbdn (Jjl ^:!

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