Ipod shuffle play count not updating

They should help get you on track and listening and using the new Apple Music apps.So you’ve have updated to i OS 8.4 but when you tap the Music app icon it brings up the opening screen and Apple sign in but nothing else happens.Additionally, if you’re just not sure how to sync playlists at all in the new i OS 8.4 and i Tunes, then here’s how that’s changed.This problem actually has a similar solution to other issues people are facing with playlists. At the bottom is the option “Music Available Offline”.You may see an i Tunes warning that says you are over capacity but go forward with the sync anyway and it should work.If you are experiencing problems with certain songs from albums on Apple music not playing or greyed out there are a couple reasons this could be happening.

As a result you may be unable to play a lot of music you had before Apple Music. The Fix: Update i Tunes to version 12.2 and then try syncing.

Maybe you made a smart playlist with all your songs but found after a while your device started freezing or running really slow during the transfers. The Fix: The problem arises when you try downloading a lot of songs from only one playlist.

You’ll start experiencing problems with playlists of over a couple hundred including everything from freezing, stopping, running slow and rebooting.

(This can be found on tapping on the "My Music" Tab, and tapping on the pink words with an arrow under them (artists/albums/songs etc.).

A menu should pop up, at the bottom of which you'll find the "Show Music Available Offline" toggle.

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