Intimidating interview questions

So, helping them could be challenging, which cost the store some revenue.

My manager and several co-workers spoke Spanish, and they could help those customers when I couldn't.

However, being fast learner and open minded, I have no pre-conceived notions on how to perform my job.(Recovery) With this new work, I will have the opportunity to learn the job the way you want it done, not the way a different organization does it.

I am never bored because there is always something new to learn.

When you prepare for this question, you will want to pick a weakness that does one of four things: Be sure to present these weaknesses in terms of how they impact the employer. Avoid trashing anyone, particularly a former employer. Prepare a list of potential weaknesses to share in your interview.

Select a few weaknesses from the list below, or use them as starting points to develop your own list of possible weaknesses.

For example, an accountant who doesn't know how to use spreadsheets or a business attorney who isn't a good negotiator would not impress a potential employer.

So, being ready for this question is the best strategy. ] Advertisement appear to be acceptable, or they wouldn't be interviewing you.

This question is to help dig out aspects of working with you that don't usually show up in a resume or Linked In Profile.

When you have your list of possible weaknesses, consider how to present them as done in the sample answers below.

Be prepared with in case you are asked for a second or third (or more).

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