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There were fatherless sons, and a father doing his best to raise his son, alone.

In 1948 he meets and falls in love with London office worker Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike).

Despite the flaws our world has when it comes to race relations, I believe people, especially younger people and students, are leading the way to a more accepting society.

Millennials are the most accepting demographic regarding openness to interracial marriage.

In the end, a young man lost his life, people lost respect and a line was drawn.

What Lee spoke about decades ago, has only gotten worse over the years. The gritty tale of South Central Los Angeles at the height of the crack epidemic set off alarms across Hollywood and beyond.

As a college student at ASU, I witness many interracial couples daily, which is something past generations could not witness.

"A United Kingdom" reminds us that it wasn't too long ago that skin color was a barrier to overcome for some couples.

In fact, it wasn't until the year 2000 when the state of Alabama finally changed its decision and lifted the ban on the right to an interracial marriage in the state.

However, this film did not emphasize these racial biases as much as it should have.

Not too long ago, we took a look at the Top 10 iconic Black TV shows. Obviously, it's difficult to choose only the best of the best, so this iconic Black Movie list is not based on how many funny, scary, or emotional moments or how much the movie grossed.

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