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Ice-T then walks up to the policeman, pretending to be a stranded motorist, asking for help, but the policeman refuses, saying: "Nah, that's not my job! ", then telling him that "my job is eatin' these doughnuts".

When the officer recognizes Ice-T, gunshots are heard.

But Body Count was intended to reflect straight anger.

It was supposed to be the voice of the angry brother, without answers.

[...] We knew that 'KKK Bitch' would totally piss off the Ku Klux Klan. It's on a punk tip." "There Goes the Neighborhood" is a sarcastic response to critics of Body Count, sung from the point of view of a racist white rocker who wonders "Don't they know rock's just for whites? / Those niggers are too hardcore / This shit ain't cool." In The Ice Opinion: Who Gives a Fuck?

, Ice-T wrote that the song's lyrics are metaphorical, explaining that "Whoever is still perpetuating racism has got to die, not necessarily physically, but they have to kill off that part of their brain. The entire attitude is dead." In an interview for Rolling Stone, Ice-T stated that "We just celebrated the fourth of July, which is really just national Fuck the Police Day [...] I bet that during the Revolutionary War, there were songs similar to mine." In a positive review for The Village Voice, music critic Robert Christgau said Ice-T "takes rap's art-ain't-life defense over the top" on a heavy metal album which utilizes and parodies "the style's whiteskin privilege".

You can't just get anybody on guitar and expect it to work.[...] [We] really loved the music we were doing, and it showed." Like Ice-T's gangsta rap albums, Body Count's material focused on various social and political issues, with songs focusing on topics ranging from police brutality to drug abuse.According to Ernie C, "Everybody writes about whatever they learned growing up, and we were no exception.The lyrics go on to describe a scenario in which members of Body Count "crash" a Klan meeting to "get buck wild with the white freaks".Ice-T makes humorous reference to "[falling] in love with Tipper Gore's two 12-year-old nieces", and ponders the possibility of the Grand Wizard coming after him "when his grandson's named little Ice-T." In The Ice Opinion: Who Gives a Fuck?

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The album produced the single "There Goes the Neighborhood".

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