Infobox football biography image param needs updating the problem with radiocarbon dating

, especially firsts for historically underrepresented social groups.The property statement is placed on a human's item, the value is their achievement or position, and qualifiers are used to specify the social circumstances under which they count as a "first".His entry lists him as having been "convicted of" murder, but there is no structured data to show that he was exonerated of the crime.That lack of information is both incomplete and compounds the significant injustice of his experience.But in the case of a bishop, he was ordained by N1 as a deacon, ordained by N2 as a presbyter, and ordained by N3 as a bishop. Tagged as Bots, Brett Kavanaugh, Congress Edits, Daniel Schuman, Demand Progress, Donald Trump, Ed Summers, Gov Track, Imposter Buster, Parliament Edits, Real Press Sec Bot, Tom Scott, Twitter, U. Congress, Washington Post on January 17, 2019 at am by William Beutler Wikipedia and Twitter are very different internet platforms, but parallels can be found if you look closely enough (as The Wikipedian did a few years back).

But I wonder if it would also make sense to have an "exonerated" or "conviction overturned" qualifier too. -Kenirwin (: it's a CV platform like Linked In for doctors.These are so common that surnames are sorted not by the first letter of the surname but by the first letter of the word after the tussenvoegsel.It is not uncommon for forms to ask to define it separately from the surname 1Veertje (Is not incorrect Pmt. --Gerwoman (This was the original motivation: "I would like to add the information on a subject Catholic prelate about which bishop has ordained him as priest." Priest is not a position but an occupation, as Nomen ad Hoc have just said and you agreed.I also think that a dedicated property would be more convenient and accurate than only using position held Daniel Mietchen Dar Tar Ppgardne Michael Cochez Alexander Doria Maximilianklein Renepick Lambert Heller Beat Estermann Cornelia Flavia Veja Tobias1984 Silvio Peroni Alastair Dunning Aubrey Snipre Andrew Su Karima Rafes Alen Vodopijevec Henry Rzepa Scott Edmunds Emw Matthiassamwald Missvain Vladimir Alexiev Petermr Wise Woman Jodi.a.schneider Navino Evans Jan van Oort Konrad Foerstner Egon Willighagen Ben Moore Z. Solstag jibe-b Gu Z-MPG Kristina Hettne Lilaroja Runner1928 Almondega lv_ra Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen) Rudy Patard Arthur PSmith Diana de la Iglesia Netha Pintoch Odile B YULdigitalpreservation Lozana Rossenova Jonathan Brier a.k.a.wolfgang8741 Jneubert econterms T0mpr1c3 Vladimir Alexiev Ivanhercaz Trilotat Benjamenta Dutch surnames have tussenvoegsels.

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