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First, the actual egg cell of an animal is removed to be fertilized in a petri dish.

In the dish, the zona pellucida is a chemical coating that promotes cell division.

Cloning Cloning produces an organism with and identical genotype as to its host/donor.

A clone is a group of genetically identical organisms or a group genetically identical cells derived from a single parent.

Livestock are often selected for cloning based on favorable commercial qualities, including wool, meat, or milk productivity.Based on charge, DNA molecules have a negative charge.When placed on a magnetic field, the DNA strands move toward the positive pole. Larger DNA molecules move much slower than small ones, so different sized DNA strands stop at different points along the magnetic field.PCR PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, was developed by Kari Mullis for the purpose of amplifying DNA obtained from crime scenes. In just a few hours, DNA can be replicated millions of times.In the procedure, DNA Polymerase uses nucleotides and primers to replicate a small sequence of DNA so that it is visible when comparing DNA obtained from a crime scene with samples. Denaturation - breaks Hydrogren bonds, splits them with heat 2. Extension - DNA Polymerase adds nucleotides to the DNA sequence 4.

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Two types of cloning exist: cloning by embryo splitting, an earlier procedure, and cloning by nuclear transfer, used to clone the sheep Dolly.

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