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It came out of the Harmony Chicago’s assembly line sometimes during the 1960′ (the serial / date stamp inside the body has faded away for the most part and is hard to decypher).Being a “Sovereign”, it sports all the higher grade features of the brand, including, just to name a few, solid genuine mahogany back, sides and neck, solid high grade spruce top, superior trim and glossy polished finish.It has a sparkly, bell-like quality that reminds me of some post-war 00-18s I have played.The mid range is also quite pronounced, while not being nasal.This Module has been updated to work with the newer serial number formats.Vintage acoustic flattop guitars are not all about Martins and Gibsons…Yes, the neck has been reset on this one, providing top notch geometry and playability.The bridge is perfectly glued to the top, which holds medium (13/56) strings without a bulge.

The neck was expertly reset for perfect playability. Most likely way better than when it originally left the assembly line. The endpin area shows a couple marks / deep scratches, that most likely occured when the guitar was handled while standing on some rough surface.

The present Harmony H1203 definitely belongs to the second category.

It’s not a show stopper compared to other guitars in my collection, but a wonderful ride nonetheless.

Those in the know show some – well deserved – respect for other manufacturers, including the ones at the lower end of the spectrum.

Driving a Rolls Royce sure is hella cool, but one can have some serious fun with a Toyota.

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