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Along the way we predict what's ahead; we discuss problems as adventures and failures as false starts. An obstacle safely passed, we reflect on what 'magic' helped to slay the dragons, cross the rivers, and climb the glass hills. Mehrens and Popham (1992) define high-stakes tests as tests used for decisions, such as for employment, licensure, or a high school graduation.... ISTE, pp.283-301 At an e Portfolio forum at Boston University on September 26, 2008, the opening speaker referred to my website as an "attic" with a lot of history/artifacts of my journey through e-portfolios. my physical memorabilia is now stored in half of my garage.Finally, we hoin in the celebrations of knowing." (p.8) Source: Paulson, P. Given the definition of a portfolio as a high-stakes test that serves, at least in part, to make a certification, licensure, or graduation decision, legal and psychometric issues apply. But the metaphor of a garage doesn't evoke the conceptual model of storing memories as an attic.A folder is a collection, which a portfolio is a purposeful and coherent collection that communicates what learnings have taken place. Our goal is to help students tell their story, a story that has a happy ending." (p.3)"We get students ready to write the stories of their portfolios by joining them on the journey. ERIC Document Reproduction Service: ED377209According to the definition of “tests” in the 1999 AERA/APA/NCME Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, forms of testing may include traditional multiple-choice tests, written essays, oral examinations, and more elaborate performance tasks.Finally, the student is the major participant in all phases of the portfolio's development."Throughout this paper we shall use storytelling as a metaphor to show what portfolios are and how they can be used to support learning..ask three questions... Together on the journey we talk, learn, and assemble the portfolio. Hence, portfolios that are composed of written reflections (a form of an essay) and products representative of the candidate’s skills, and performance, fall under a professionally acceptable definition of “test”. Portfolios, the Pied Piper of teacher certification assessments: Legal and psychometric issues. Retrieved February 13, 2004 from electronic portfolio has the potential to become a dynamic celebration of learning that documents a teacher’s professional development across his or her career." (p.301) Source: ISTE (2002) "Assessing Technology Preparation of Teachers" in Preparing Teachers to use Technology.This article is intended as a spark to more conversation about these issues. (in Development) Portfolios at the Crossroads: The Impact of Emerging Technologies and High Stakes Assessment.Let us use technology's campfire to draw teachers together--giving them a place to sing their songs, find healing for their wounds, and be illumined by the wisdom of their peers. My digital clone - A digital representation / extension of my self – my e Self My work companion - A tool blended into my learning / working environment My butler - A service provider to one’s self My dashboard - An informative display of the state of my skills and knowledge My planner - A tool to plan my learning My IPR management assistant - A tool to value and exploit my personal assets "Great to see your e-portfolio site and follow the learnings encapsulated within.Provided one puts quality work between the covers, the portfolio can be a structure to help an individual express meaning.But its quality depends [upon] what the individual does with it.

Using explicit criteria, the student develops the ability to look at her own work and determine the strengths and weaknesses evident in a particular performance or across a set of performances.Will we have the wisdom to recognize the implications of our decisions and resolve the dilemmas inherent in them?Or will our decisions result in there being no interesting stories told in the glow of the electronic campfire?Carney, Joanne (in development) "Campfires Around Which We Tell Our Stories: Confronting the Dilemmas of Teacher Portfolios and New Technologies" in Barrett, H. I am responding specifically to the importance that you place on metaphor as a core element in how humans make meaning out of their reality.Indeed, the metaphors that we choose, both consciously and unconsciously, shape the meaning that we make of the world.

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