Hacking garmin map updating

However, additional maps of other regions may be downloaded and installed.You can download maps of Ireland, the UK, North America and regions of Europe to extend the functionality of the unit while traveling.Plug the Becker GPS into your computer using the USB connector cable that shipped with the GPS unit.

I knew this to be untrue because I run Bitdefender anti-virus and only 2 hours previously it had done a complete system scan and declared my PC "clean".

My PC didn't recognise the sat nav so I looked up the official Garmin website and got into their chatroom.

This had obviously been hacked because after a few minutes of chat I was told a technician would ring me top sort this out.

Last month, when Zack Ajmal was planning a vacation to Italy, he set out to find the first thing that a traveler would need in a foreign land: a map.

But digital maps of Rome and Venice for his Garmin GPS device cost almost 0.

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