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The research related to EHEs has identified several approaches to aid in the prevention of, and response to, heat-related illness.

One of the main gaps identified by this research is the lack of education and training material for health care workers regarding EHEs.

However, the most at-risk people are those that are isolated and do not receive much assistance or services, despite their need for support.

Strategic community engagement and social contact is needed to reach out to isolated people.

Effective prevention is dependent on the recognition of risk as this is the first step to altering behaviour and adopting protective actions To address EHEs effectively public health challenges need to be outlined.

The Guidelines are written to enable health care workers to become more effective in establishing preventative action by providing them with action-focussed information and the analysis of the risk factors that make vulnerable population groups susceptible to the negative impacts of EHEs.

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Engagement of health care workers is needed to initiate discussion with patients/clients of possible risk factors and simple protective actions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

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