Drunk dating

Here are 8 occasions you’ll probably need to be a little tipsy: He takes you to meet his family.

Sober you would see this as an immediate red flag because (1) this isn’t prom night, so why does he think it’s OK for his mom to take a picture of the two of you prior to your date?

Pregame like you’re about to go to a college tailgate, and ramble about your college years all you want. He’ll probably be scared off from a second date, but you won’t be bored out of your mind. But if you think about it, that’s probably why he’s on Tinder in the first place — girls who know him in real life know he’s a douchebag, so he has to use his physique online to trick other girls into going out with him. You know those guys who do whatever it takes to try to impress a girl?

Without alcohol, you’ll spend the entire night kicking yourself for falling for his cliche pickup line. You’ll be too drunk to notice he’s even there because you’ll be smashing on the free meal you just acquired. The ones who push and push and push, and deny that you aren’t even remotely interested in them? If your date is trying way too hard to make you like him, you were probably turned off within the first five minutes of meeting up.

Some of the Jenga blocks will include ice breaker questions and funny dares to truly help you find Mr or Mrs right.

What could be better than breaking the ice through Drunk Jenga, having an excuse to ask the questions you really want to know and being able to have a laugh with great people.

With music playing and drinks flowing, what more could you ask of for a perfect night out in the city.

Instead of awkwardly scooting further away on the couch every time he inches closer, make a drinking game out of whatever you’re watching on Netflix: every time someone speaks, take a drink.

Best case scenario, you get super sloppy drunk and call Uber for a ride home. Going out is fun when you’re drunk, because anywhere you go is always an adventure.

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