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Depending on the consistency of the soot, the pretreatments may be varied allowing for either acid or acid and alkali.

Accuracy relative to the time of use of the fires will depend upon the source of the soot.

If you have a 200 year-old tree that is living today, a date on the bark represents today and a date on the centermost ring represents 200 years ago even though the tree is still alive. You only need to include the confirmation code in the packag​e​​.

Therefore, the accuracy of the radiocarbon date depends upon where the wood came from within the tree. Read about sample material return How much does carbon dating cost?

If it is from marine food residues, it will have “reservoir effect” associated with it which must be corrected for.

If the soot is from old trees (tree trunks) the date could be too old.

– Please contact us to discuss the nature of your research objective to ensure the most appropriate material selection and pretreatment of your pottery sherds.

However, if CO2 is available from the clay, the reformed carbonate will reflect the age of the clay.It also depends upon the absence of man-made contaminants. To provide you with the best possible user experience, this website uses cookies.If you continue to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can disable cookies at any time within your browser settings.Also, one must consider the homogeneity of the reformed carbonate in that case.Different fragments could be reformed from multiple sources of CO2.

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Otherwise, it will be discarded upon completion of the analysis.

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