Dating your vox ac30

That AC10 was one of Vox’s very first amps—a more affordable, stripped down little brother to the AC15 that was then revolutionizing the English amplifier landscape.

The Verdict The AC10 might not have quite enough muscle to be a rock ‘n’ roll club amp (though I think it would hang tough and then some in a joint with really good front-of-stage monitors).

I don't even know what they sell as far as ribbon mics. I own: Soundelux E49 Soundelux U195 2 - Neumann KM84i SD Condesor Mics Pearlman MT-1 Condenor Tube Mic Shure SM7 Sennheiser e609 Mic AKG D-112 Mic Shure Beta 52 Shure Beta 57 What do you guys think?

Again, I had the day from hell and I can't screw around in the morning with shooting out a bunch of mics. I'm looking for something that has more body than a 57 to compliment it. I used a E609 (all black) in close and a U87 (your U195 will do) at about 2 feet away from the front of the cab (4 x 12).

Onboard digital reverb is the lone effect on the AC10.

In small amounts, the reverb animates high and high-mid harmonics and fundamental notes in a way that enlivens arpeggios and single note leads.

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