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Impacts at 1.5°C of warming also depend on the emission pathway to 1.5°C.

Very different impacts result from pathways that remain below 1.5°C versus pathways that return to 1.5°C after a substantial overshoot, and when temperatures stabilize at 1.5°C versus a transient warming past 1.5°C ().

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Equity has procedural and distributive dimensions and requires fairness in burden sharing both between generations and between and within nations.

This report is informed by traditional evidence of the physical climate system and associated impacts and vulnerabilities of climate change, together with knowledge drawn from the perceptions of risk and the experiences of climate impacts and governance systems.

Scenarios and pathways are used to explore conditions enabling goal-oriented futures while recognizing the significance of ethical considerations, the principle of equity, and the societal transformation needed.

There is no single answer to the question of whether it is feasible to limit warming to 1.5°C and adapt to the consequences.

Feasibility is considered in this report as the capacity of a system as a whole to achieve a specific outcome.

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