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has a Free Photo Session mode, letting you take photos in any of the game’s environments with no restrictions like in the main story.

However, in order to be able to select a girl in Free Photo Session mode, you’ll first need to become her boyfriend in one of your runs.

The game has many discussions only available during dates, and some events only unlock once you’ve done a certain date with a girl. The screenshots in the gallery below show a date event with Russo-Canadian-Japanese girl Kasumi Crista Ikuno.

The player asks her if she wants to go home together, inviting her for an after-school date.

is developed by Sugiyama’s current studio, Sweet One.

Oh btw, Radiata Stories do have dating via firework event that's all they have.

Only if PS2 has rpgs like Thousand Arms, Tokimeki Memorial, or even Fire Emblem, you would have no problem to find them.

While going on a date with a girl, you can end up encountering another girl you’re close with, making her angry.

If this happens twice with the same girl, and if you didn’t raise her “mutual love level” between the two encounters, she’ll start ignoring the player.

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