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The 325 in its natural finish is portrayed in a photo of the Beatles rehearsing at the Cavern in October 1962.

The first photo of Lennon with the 325 with black finish was taken on December 31, 1962 at their last performance at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany.

He bought a Bigsby unit from salesman Jim Getty at Hessys music store in Liverpool. The guitar was put on the counterand the modifications were made while still being in the store.

Perhaps the reason for this was that the Kauffman Vibrola rarely returned to pitch and threw the instrument out of tune.

In Hamburg John Lennon soon started to modify his guitar.

Also the Here are the specifications: * Correct 2 inch thick body w/ 1/8 inch thick back * Correct (Lennon) shaped headstock w/ 50's logo & correct screws * Unfinished fretboard * Elongated Jackplate * Raised single gold pickguard w/ correct (Lennon) "5" mount screw points * Burns reproduction knobs * 1960's Bigsby w/ Aluminum handle w/ "Phillips" head stud * Thick string nut (as on early '58 325's) * No volute on back of headstock base * Short pole pickups re-wound to 50's specs Mr.

It would appear that the Bigsby was considered as a more reliable It was probably the pickguard that prevented it from fitting properly or perhaps it was improperly installed.

Pictures of the guitar reveal that the low E or 6th string was out of alignment and actually was outside the fretboard and off the neck from somewhere around the 14th fret and higher.

The first twelve string manufactured had a conventional twelve string setup. While Harrison's 12 string was the second one made, nonetheless, it had the distinction of being a prototype for all subsequent instruments as far as the manner in which they would be strung.

On Georges guitar, the octave counterparts to the four lower strings, were reversed with the octave strings occurring second in the string pairs. George Harrisons guitar had a crescent soundhole, triangle inlays, trapeze tailpiece, double white pickguards and black control knobs. This model is available in a reissue version, the model 360/12V64.

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Later when we went to America, I think for the Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964, there was a show Rickenbacker had in this hotel suite, but I was sick at the time, I never made it, but I thought Rickenbacker had personally given me this guitar which was the twelve string I used right through Hard Days Night, Ticket To Ride and all those songs.

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