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The first paper rolls were used commercially by Welte & Sons in their orchestrions beginning in 1883.inches or 286 millimetres); thus 65-note rolls would be perforated at 6 holes to the inch, and 88-note rolls at 9 holes to the inch, leaving margins at both ends for future developments.This code is the best indicator of the piano's age.In cases where the pickup rail code is unreadable, you can also look for the finish date code on the lower right-hand side of the tonebar rail.

If your grand piano is any other model, it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan.From 1965 to 1973, this also followed the week/year convention mentioned above.Sometime in 1974, the code was switched to week/year/day, where 1581 is interpreted as 15th week, 1978, 1st day of the work week (Monday).Reproducing rolls are the same as hand-played rolls but have additional control codes to operate the dynamic modifying systems specific to whichever brand of reproducing piano it is designed to be played back on.Reproducing pianos were beyond the reach of the average home in the original era of popularity of these instruments and were heavily marketed as reproducing the 'soul' of the performer – slogans such as "The Master's Fingers On Your Piano" or "Paderewski will play for you in your own house! The player piano gives the opportunity to create music that is impossible for humans to play, or, more correctly, music that was not conceived in terms of performance by hand.

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0978 = 09th week of 1978, sometime in early March).

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