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It is, therefore, worth taking the time to compare all the dating clues that can be gleaned from an old portrait.

Pointers can be found in the type of photograph, the identity of the photographer, and the case or mount with which the picture has been provided.

You just need to click on your school and you will be taken through to a search page to see if a school photograph is available for your year.

We have partnered with both Gillman & Soame and the Greater Manchester County Record Office (Panora Collection) to provide the largest collection of old school photographs in the UK.

Then there is the image itself, which can provide telling information in the studio background and props., in the composition and technique, and in the clothes worn by the sitter.

Archived film of government origin is held at the British Film Institute.

We have also linked to Tempest Photography, another schools photography company.

Then it can be: (1) A Carte-de-visite (2) A Cabinet Card (3) A Photo Postcard (4) A Non-Standard Studio Portrait. Then it can be: (1) An Ambrotype in a case (2) A Glass-plate Negative Are the photographs in an album?

The National Archives holds one of the largest and most significant collections of photographs in the United Kingdom.

Running into millions of individual items, these photographs have been amassed during the working lives of central government departments and cover the historical time-span of the medium itself.

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