Dating notes from my future self

You’re going to have to just roll with the flow, take it in, glean lessons from it, and then carry on, head held high.

She appeared as herself in the 2008 3D concert film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert.

A couple things to remember: You learned how to honor and treat your body well this year, and how to honor and treat those around you. You’re going home to see your family, and 150 of your closest friends; this is pretty much the most fun ever and I hope you look back on this time with love. Not everyone is so privileged to have access to food, so superficial aesthetics should be the least of your worries regardless of the deep societal impositions. You spent your whole childhood yearning to be an adult, impatiently waiting for the rite of passage that would grant you the maturity, respect, and validation you so desperately sought. You will have enough time to do everything that you love, so stop stressing so much. Your clothes are on point—a ton of of shiny stuff, colors, and general epic yoga outfits fit in your closet. All the puzzle pieces fit, all the paths make sense. All the successes and failures and heartwarming and heartbreaking moments were all worth it. You were and are and have been and always will be yourself, and that’s what matters above all.

Don’t ever settle for the easy way—just don’t settle, period. And remember that this current version of yourself loves you… Tell your children you love them, a lot, I’m sure they are incredible humans and deserve to hear it. Hang out with your mom as much as possible, words cannot describe what she has done for you over the years. Now that you’re an adult, all you crave is the sweetly uninhibited moments of play and lack of responsibility that childhood granted you. Embrace all of your learnings and cherish your experiences because they truly are divinely fated. Everything that has happened has lead you to this moment.

You best realize this now and just try and enjoy what you have in the present moment. It will cause you pain, but it will also help you get through the days, excite you, and make you feel like your heart is a big thing of cotton candy.

And as much as you’d like to you can’t hold on to them all. Go high-five that inner child we sometimes think is so silly. Go buy yourself one of those Spongebob Squarepants popsicles you get so excited about and give her a call.

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I was surprised about a whole new environment and the new characters in season 2, but this succeeded and probably enhanced my viewing experience because a change of scenery enabled the story to progress further and still be creative.

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