Dating in your mid 30s

While the term “cougar” makes your skin crawl, there is some truth to the rumors that young dudes love a confident older woman.While you appreciate their attraction to you and their boundless, youthful optimism, there is no way in hell you're sleeping on a futon on a regular basis.He was just out of a long relationship and had no intention of getting heavily involved, but when I told him about 2 months into things that I wasn't up for just being his fuck buddy, we got serious.Just over 3 years later we are married with a wee one on the way My point is that I was really excited to be 34 and single - I was the best me is ever been, happy, confident and excited about who might be around the corner.

I live in a small town, and just thought there was very little chance of me meeting anyone new.

Obviously not all of them are that shallow but it's definitely a trend. didn't seem too good on paper but we hit it off and he wanted the same things as me relationship wise.

We are now several years later with ds 18 months and I am a sahm with dh now earning a decent ish wage and not sleeping on the sofa anymore but owning my house with me and paying the mortgage instead we got married 2 years ago. I got to my early 30s without having kids or marrying.

While we are aware that a biological clock exists, we also know that modern technology is helping lots of women get knocked up later in life.

Please feel free to fake bad cell reception when your mom calls to remind you that you’re “running out of time” to give her grandchildren.

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Give yourself a kick up the bum, get out there with an air of positivity and see what happens - its exciting!!

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