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This should make an excellent replacement for any audio application that uses the 12AX7 in the circuit.It isn't very well known because they were only made for a few short years as it was never designed into circuits by manufacturers. These are usually standard 12AX7's which have been specially tested to assure they will perform well in circuits with /- 20% variation in filament voltage.So if the tubes you see have really indelible printing, suspect that they are fakes.While these fakes look good, they apparently sound horrible (as I have been told). As with all tubes, we offer a 10 day evaluation period in which you may return an unsatisfactory tube.For that reason, allot of Telefunken tubes are devoid of most of their writing.These fakes have very nice writing and the printing will not rub off with your fingers or water.Then, I will follow up with short descriptions of some that I currently have for sale. There is no way I or anyone else can tell you how any given tube will sound in your equipment.There are too many subjective variables for me or anyone to tell you unless they have your equipment and your ears.

This is a special non-microphonic and low hum version of the 12AX7 that was produced only by Sylvania.Prices are the same as 12AX7 Telefunken produced some of the best tubes that have ever been made anywhere at anytime.They are remarkably devoid of any microphonic problems and tend to last a very long time.It is fairly rare to see a weak or bad Telefunken tube.The sound is characterized by many to be "mellow" or "dark" but really if you want to know how a tube sounds, you need to try it for yourself in your own equipment because it may sound totally different to your ears than someone else's.

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Any tube produced in the Telefunken factory should have a "diamond" molded into the glass in the base of the tube inside the circle of pins.

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