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Be sure to 'fix' only genuine threats because your actions cannot be undone.Once you're happy with your selections click Fix, and OK when prompted for confirmation.They may take apart and reassemble their own computers in order to understand how all the parts work.

Certificate programs are typically vendor-neutral and focus on such areas as database network administration, network security and application development.

Computer techs work in a variety of companies in industries like telecommunications, health care, finance, and education. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer techs typically receive extensive on-the-job training once employed, usually three months or more depending on the position.

Technicians with 2-4 years of experience can advance to supervisory positions such as IT service managers. Many companies offer training classes in computer networking and systems. Any training or classes offered by an employer benefit a computer tech seeking to advance in the field. Computer technology changes frequently, which makes it necessary to stay up-to-date on new hardware and software.

A key on your keyboard - often F2 but you should see a message on-screen telling you which key to press - will allow you to open the BIOS.

Navigate the Boot options, then select the Save your changes and exit the BIOS.

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Computer techs can attend workshops, seminars, and classes as new products and systems are introduced.

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