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Back in the mid 60's us rural folks weren't making much money, so most of us bought Pearsons, or Shakespeares.

They were just a little over half the price of a Kodiak Mag or Kodiak. Black Pearsonite glass Semi-pistol grip Bubinga with contrasting laminates. To make it quiet I added foam(not styrofoam) inside the hood and a thin sliver of tablet backing between the adjustment bars.

Black spot, I own a Pearson quiver, but don't use it. I use a hip quiver with most of my bows, but those I use a quiver on I use a Wing or Delta.

Jim Just came in from shooting my Ben Pearson Mustang and saw this thread. The serial # is 16-633 so I assume it is a 1963 model. First year for the Gamester was 1970, and it was a 56" bow. It was listed to have Black Pearsonite Glass, but I don't have the 71 or 72 information, so it could have had red glass in one of those years. Took several bowstrings along and braced it and it is dead-nuts straight.. You are correct about the black Pearsonite fiberglas..:) Anyhow..Looked at my bow again it has 16-633 and 45X - 28" on the side of the riser and on the belly it has Ben Pearson Mustang with the logo and 716-64". I have a 62" 50# Colt, and just got a couple of weeks ago, a Hunter, 58" and 55#. It seems like I shoot these better than others I own. I don't shoot this very often; in fact it's loaned out right now. I DID buy the old Pearson 1970 something 'Gamester' for .00.Looks as good as some of the bows I bought new in the late 60's for twice that plus shipping.It was a variation of the Hunter model that came about in 1966 as the 709 Hunter.They are a bit trimmer than the 709, which was all zebrawood. stagetek, Pearson probably sold as many bows as Bear, but most were lower line models, and were much cheaper to buy.

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Jim From an old site listing the Ben Pearson bows: Gamester, 1970, No. Contrasting laminated hardwoods Black Pearsonite glass 7 1/2 to 6 1/2 inch brace height 4 1/2 inch sight window brown wood with two thin white strips thru handle $ 53 _______________________ Obviously NOT catalogued by anyone who knows much about woods..

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